Mana – The power in knowing who you are!

When I played World of Warcraft, I was a beautiful Undead healer priestess and for healing my comrades, I needed Mana. I was an Alchemist and Herbalist as well, picking up plants to make magic potions to restore my Mana. It’s funny how I chose these things back then and they somehow molded my real life. By choosing these skills on my character did I invite them in my real life or did I only let my subconscious dictate my fate as a WoW character?…I’m asking these questions because back then, there was a period when I was not so serious and I wasn’t thinking to much about life and its meaning. I was just playing.

But what I want to stress about is that little did I know by then what Mana is. This information came to me just few months ago, when I was reading for my anthropology class The Gift by Marcel Mauss and I discovered some of the Maori culture. Here is a talk by Tame Iti, a Maori activist and artist, about Mana and Dealing with everything Eye to Eye.

“No one can tell you that you are not important and your experience does not matter and if they do… I challenge them to say it to your face… where they can see your eyes and feel your breath.”

Patiently waiting for the day when I will finally get to know these awesome people!


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